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Tolentino, 15 May 2013 – Global swimwear brand Arena has announced its partnership with the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, whose 2013 edition includes eight events on four different continents. 

The collaboration heralds Arena’s debut as technical sponsor in the spectacular sport of cliff diving, for which it will provide equipment for the divers, as well as official clothing for judges, service personnel, and all technical staff. 

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series was launched in 2009 and in its first four seasons held 28 events featuring a hand-picked group of high divers from 10 different countries, attracting nearly half a million spectators worldwide. The 2013 series showcases the world’s best divers from seven different countries, as well as other young talents, and kicks off in La Rochelle, France on May 24-25. From there it moves on to Copenhagen, the Azores (Portugal), Malcesine (Italy), Boston, South Wales, and Nitéroi (Rio de Janeiro), before ending up with the final event in Thailand on October 26th. During the tour divers launch themselves from pristine rocks and monoliths to iconic landmarks and buildings, plunging from a height of 27m (89ft) – the equivalent of an eight-storey building - with no protection other than their concentration, skill and physical control, while reaching a speed of 85 km/h on their 3-second descent.

Cliff diving’s origins date back to the late 1700s when the last independent chief of the Hawaiian island of Maui, King Kahekili, used cliff diving as an initiation rite for his warriors, challenging them to follow his example by jumping off cliffs to prove their loyalty. The old Hawaiian principles of “mana” and “pono” (power and balance) became the key elements of lele kawa (cliff-diving) as it gained popularity in the Pacific islands back in the 18th century, and these fundamental precepts continue to be central to the sport in its contemporary form. 

Diving was first introduced as an Olympic sport in the 1904 St. Louis Games, and has been a fixture at the FINA World Aquatics Championships since its inception in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1973. More recently, high diving has been added to the schedule for first time at the 2013 World Championships in Barcelona, with a 27m event for men and an 18m event for women.

Working in partnership with Red Bull, Arena hopes to help grow the sport through its sponsorship and marketing activities.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with Red Bull in this exciting new initiative for Arena,”said Giuseppe Musciacchio, Arena General Manager for Brand Development. “Red Bull has done an admirable job of getting this series of events off the ground, and its growing following after just four years on the circuit is testament to their enterprise and commitment. We are in great admiration of the courage and discipline of the world’s top cliff divers, and look forward to joining the growing throngs of spectators at both the urban and exotic locations of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series events.”